CICI – Improving the security, privacy, and integrity of human-centered AI research

This CICI project leverages cybersecurity techniques such as data-minimization to help human-centered AI researchers better protect research participants’ privacy while ensuring their studies’ statistical power and generalizability.

CyberEd – Developing effective AI cybersecurity education for middle school students

The CyberEd project develops and assesses learning modules to teach middle school students AI cybersecurity principles and best practices within the context of their existing math and computer science courses.

NewsAuth – Securing digital publishing through usable cryptographic provenance
The NewsAuth project aims to improve the security, transparency, and trustworthiness of digitally published news content by developing a usable cryptographic provenance system.

Auracle – Designing a smart wearable to promote healthy eating

Building off the findings from the Amulet project, the goal of the Auracle project is to develop a wearable system that is effective and robust enough to automatically detect when people eat and for how long.

  • Status: Active
  • Associated Grant: NSF – ABR: Collaborative research: Smart earpiece for supporting healthy eating behaviors
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Amulet – Laying the foundation for effective computational jewelry for mHealth

The goal of the Amulet project is to engineer the tools for, and lay the scientific foundation of, secure wearable mHealth.

  • Status: Archived
  • Associated Grants: NSF award number 0910842, HHS/ONC award number 90TR0003-01, NSF CSR program awards CNS-1314281,1619970 (Dartmouth) and CNS-1314342,1619950 (Clemson)
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HomeShare – Building secure, usable tools to support aging-in-place

The HomeSHARE initiative is a geographically distributed test-bed to design, develop, and evaluate pervasive home-based technologies for aging-in-place.